January 2012

Employees Sue Forever 21

Clothing chain treats retail workers unfairly

If, like me, you like to pick up the inexpensive but still relatively cute and well-made offerings from your local Forever 21, you might want to know that their Christian demeanor falls apart under scrutiny. Workers of the chain are organizing a class-action lawsuit against their employer, claiming they've been forced to work through their legally mandated meal breaks and even after clocking out.

Despite the Bible verses printed on the bottoms of their bags, Forever 21 hasn't been looking too good in the ethics department lately. It's been on the receiving end of more than 50 lawsuits, with complaints ranging from intellectual property theft to terrible sweatshop conditions. I guess part of the reason they can keep their clothes so cheap is that they pinch pennies all the way down, paying their employees barely minimum wage and then keeping them busy even longer than they're supposed to.

Duct Tape as a New Fashion Phenomenon?

It's Been Hitting the Runway, Stores, and Even Local Proms

Duct tape has for the longest time been something that was just used as a quick-fixer-upper when something that you loved just fell apart. However, there has been a new trend sweeping the nation where duct tape is now a choice piece of material for clothing.

Lady Gaga could be seen as a somewhat the trendsetter when she wore duct tape for pasties, which to some was creative, to others just painful. Now, duct tape isn’t just used for clothing but purses, belts, cases for just about anything, wallets, etc. It showcases the ingenuity and creativity that many designers have been waiting to demonstrate.