December 2011

Stay True to Yourself and you can go Places

Like Rising Fashion Icon, Jeremy Scott


Picture a man on roller skates with Vulcan eyebrows, drag queens, club-goers and fashion connoisseurs all gathered at Jeremy Scott’s fashion show that was held in September, which resembled a hair-metal-meets-hillbilly reverie. Scott definitely isn’t afraid to step out of the ordinary, shown through his fashion designs at the show, starting with his set of promiscuous denim clothing line.  One model wore fringed cut-offs that were so tight Daisy Duke would be embarrassed.

Best Fashion Trends of 2011

Mixed patterns, '70s-inspiration and bowties.

We’ve endured quite a bit of bad fashion in 2011. We had the continuation of the jeggings—the legging jeans—and Crocs, the invention of new and more never-leave-the-house-ish Snuggies and the creation of animal-print bomber jackets. Thankfully, with all of those fashion mistakes, we had some appealing fashion innovations this year, as well. Let’s take a look at a few of the trends that saved the fashion world from wallowing in terrible fruit hats for men: