October 2011

Budget Running Shoes

Top 3 Running Shoes at a Bargain

Running shoes can cost a fortune. Most of the time you are paying for the brand, so what you need is to know what to look for in a good running shoe. First, there is stability so your foot does not turn inside the shoe. The footwear must be light not heavy, so you do not feel the weight of the shoe. Lastly, the running shoe should have a good cushion inside for the foot and heel along with a sturdy arc. You can buy a good pair of running shoes for $50 or less.

Champion Amp 2 rated by "Consumer Report" as one of the top best buys for budget running shoes.  Features include a breathable mesh upper, stabilizing thermoplastic heel counter, flexible forefoot, durable outsole, mid-foot support and dual density midsole for shock stability. Running shoe has padded insole for comfort and non-marking, skid resistant outsole. Footwear constructed of leather, rubber and manmade materials.

10 Halloween Costumes Based on a Pink Shirt

You may hate that pink shirt in the back of your closet that you just can't seem to get rid of, but it could come in handy this Halloween. If you are invited to a party tonight and you're without a costume, don't fear; just use one of these cheap and easy ideas and that awful pink top.


10. Fairy Floss

Also known as cotton candy, of course! Buy some at the store for about $1 and add it to your pink shirt (and your hair, if you dare; you ould alwas stick it on a headband) for a quick, easy costume.


9. General Fairy

Add some glitter for a quick fairy costume; if you have a wig and wings, even better. You can also make a simple wand, or use your kid's Harry Potter replica.


8. Pink Elephant

Remember that trippy dream Dumbo had when he got drunk? (I'm pretty sure that's what happened; it's been a while.) Make a long trunk out of a pink sweatshirt sleeve, ears out of the front and back of the shirt, and a tail from the remaining sleeve. Put on another pink shirt and you're done!


7. Hippie

Pink is one of those peace and love colors, right? Add a pair of jeans and a headband and you're done--or take it further with some jewelry, sunglasses, and a protest sign.


6. Cupid

Nobody really knows what Cupid might really look like, so just use your imagination and have fun with this. Maybe you could add a bunch of hearts to the shirt, or have them dangle from it with fishing line. Along the same line, you could also be his mother Venus/Aphrodite.


5. Nymhadora Tonks

Write "Weird Sisters" on the shirt and muss up your hair any way you like. You could even dye it any color, though fans know her favorite shade is pink.


4. Valentine

You could be a romantic gift for someone in your pink shirt and cardboard heart cutouts, sure--or you could go grisly and be "My Bloodly Valentine" by adding a bunch of fake blood and either homemade Valentine cards or storebought ones from last year.


3. Love Train

Draw a big heart on your shirt and have several friends do the same and connect to randomly sing the song in a Halloween flash mob.


2. Cocktail

Drawa martini glass on your shirt and voila, you'e a Cosmopolitan.


1. Pig

Whether you're Piglet from Winnie the Pooh or just an average pig, you can draw or get a cheap pig snout and ears and you're good to go. For  creepier pig (a la Hannibal), add some fake blood.

10 Free Costumes Using a Plain White Sheet

Forget those “I don’t have a costume” excuses; you can always make something at home! If you have a simple white sheet on your hands, you can come up with plenty of ideas, such as…

10. Ghost

This has been done, sure, but who does it anymore? Revive this classic by cutting holes for eyes and boom, you are done!

9. Greek

Drape yourself toga style (over your clothes for warmth, or not if you’re daring!) and that’s really all you need. If you have some leaf sprigs or jewelry to match, go for it! This also works well if you spill beer all over yourself at a friend’s house and need a replacement top; I speak from experience here…