Duct Tape as a New Fashion Phenomenon?

Duct Tape as a New Fashion Phenomenon?

It's Been Hitting the Runway, Stores, and Even Local Proms

Duct tape has for the longest time been something that was just used as a quick-fixer-upper when something that you loved just fell apart. However, there has been a new trend sweeping the nation where duct tape is now a choice piece of material for clothing.

Lady Gaga could be seen as a somewhat the trendsetter when she wore duct tape for pasties, which to some was creative, to others just painful. Now, duct tape isn’t just used for clothing but purses, belts, cases for just about anything, wallets, etc. It showcases the ingenuity and creativity that many designers have been waiting to demonstrate.

Duct tape, which is made of waterproof cloth mesh, was originally developed in World War II to keep moisture out of artillery cases. There was only one shade of olive drab available, which was used for quick fixes for keeps, aircraft, and other military equipment. Contractors began to use it in the 1950s when they began using it to seal ductwork, and prompted its name and the color change to dull silver.

As duct tape started to become a pop culture phenomenon, manufacturers picked up the pace and started making it available in plenty of colors to do its job, whether it’s coordinating purple tape with your purple Nikes, or making a dress fit for the runway.

Duct tape is proving to be the rising medium of self-expression, which is shown through the Duck-brand duct tape Facebook page that has over 4.6 million fans and sponsors and an annual Stuck at Prom contest that attracted 331 entrants the previous year competing for the best prom outfits made out of duct tape.