Best Fashion Trends of 2011

Best Fashion Trends of 2011

Mixed patterns, '70s-inspiration and bowties.

We’ve endured quite a bit of bad fashion in 2011. We had the continuation of the jeggings—the legging jeans—and Crocs, the invention of new and more never-leave-the-house-ish Snuggies and the creation of animal-print bomber jackets. Thankfully, with all of those fashion mistakes, we had some appealing fashion innovations this year, as well. Let’s take a look at a few of the trends that saved the fashion world from wallowing in terrible fruit hats for men:

Mixed patterns. Two loud and wild patterns put together in a single outfit was long a no-no in fashion. Bold prints required tame, solid colors to stop yourself from looking like a clown. Not this year. As evidenced by the winner of this year’s Project Runway competition, Anya Ayoung-Chee, two disparate and clashing patterns can look good together when carefully paired. Like Anya, try pairing silks of tropical, blue print and a bright animal print.

‘70s-inspired clothes. Long, wide leg pants in jewel bright colors. Flowing dresses with flower patterns. Corduroy blazers with checked button-downs. The ‘70s were back this year on the runway, but the best part about the trend was that it was so easy to wear on the street, as well. ‘70s enthusiasts were bringing this trend back in a big way with ‘70s concert tees, long hair for men, woven headbands worn around the forehead and peacock feather earrings.

Bowties. Before this year, bowties were primarily for English professors or librarians, but they became more and more mainstream. Pop musicians and young celebrities were wearing bowties, usually with bright-colored button downs and blazers. They weren’t just for men, either—women were wearing them as part of androgynous suit ensembles or to top off more ladylike attire.

Pop-inspired colors. From ‘80s neons to crayon-box brights, extreme colors were everywhere this year. We saw head-to-toe bright color, but for most of us, a pop of these brights on a shirt or pants paired with a black is sufficiently bold.

Flat leather lace-ups. Leather lace up flats continued to dominate 2011. Made either in suede or a studier leather, the shoes are typically worn with rolled-up jean and bit of a striped or polka dotted sock showing underneath. The shoes are versatile, and can be worn with dresses, skirts or dressed-up pants like khakis.

What were your favorite fashion trends of 2011? Have you been inspired to adapt anything from the fashion runway for the street?