10 Free Costumes Using a Plain White Sheet

10 Free Costumes Using a Plain White Sheet

Forget those “I don’t have a costume” excuses; you can always make something at home! If you have a simple white sheet on your hands, you can come up with plenty of ideas, such as…

10. Ghost

This has been done, sure, but who does it anymore? Revive this classic by cutting holes for eyes and boom, you are done!

9. Greek

Drape yourself toga style (over your clothes for warmth, or not if you’re daring!) and that’s really all you need. If you have some leaf sprigs or jewelry to match, go for it! This also works well if you spill beer all over yourself at a friend’s house and need a replacement top; I speak from experience here…

8. God

Nobody knows what God looks like, so why not cut a hole out from the middle of the sheet, drape it over yourself poncho-style, and say you’re God? You could probably be an angel the same way if you wanted to.

7. Mummy

Cut your sheet into strips and blue them all over an outfit you don’t care to mess up and poof, you’re a mummy. Of course, you could skip ruining a perfectly good sheet and use toilet paper instead…

6. Fairy

Drape your head like a cape and tuck the sheet around you to use it like a fairy cloak; add a clasp if you have one. Add on a bunch of glitter, make up your face all sparkly, and you’re good to go. The same could work for a goddess, muse, elf, etc.

5. Mother Nature

Glue on a bunch of leaves (fake or real!), add peace signs—whatever you think Mother Nature would like to have representing her—and you’re set. My mom actually did this one year and it looked pretty cool.

4. A Flower or Map

These aren’t my ideas, but I saw them here and they sound pretty cool. There is also a recipe to use to make your white sheet its brightest and whitest before using it that will come in handy.

3. Ghostly Girl

Cut the sheet in strips and make yourself a really ghostly looking wig. Add your favorite dress and some dark makeup to be a Corpse Bride, zombie, whatever you want.

2. Sheet of Music

Draw a few lines and notes all around the sheet before cutting a hole in the center and wearing it as a poncho. This will work really well if you are a musician, music major, or have a date going as Beethoven.

1. Antarctica

Ha, I love this one! Who ever thought of dressing up as an entire continent? Alternatively, you could say you’re Alaska.